Job title: Customer Support Manager
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Industry: BPO & Call Centre and Customer Service
Salary type: Annual
Salary: 185,000.00 AED
Location: Dubai
Job published: 01-09-2021
Job ID: 40543

Job Description

The Customer Support Manager will be responsible inbound and outbound customer interactions through call, email & chat support to increase customer satisfaction and NPS.


1.   Define, measure and analyze the performance of inbound customer care and email & chat support teams, and assess against KPI goals.

2.   Develop and execute an outbound growth strategy along with Marketing, Acquisition & Retention Team for online and retail business.

3.   Develop processes and practices that lead to the organization being known as the most customer-centric organization nationally and globally and help them directly stand out from competitors.

4.   Develop and implement service procedures, policies and standards for query resolution, problem-solving process, escalation process and ensure adherence to the same. Develop & implement separate service procedures, policies & standards for high value player management.

5.   Ensure accurate records and document are kept for customer service actions and discussions.

6.   Create detailed FAQs for standard and known questions / issues to ensure quick and hassle-free resolution. Create customer profile identification methodology and create FAQs for different customer profiles.

7.   Develop mechanism to assess and report the quality of support provided by team members on call, chat or email.

8.   Monitor & ensure uptime of all software & hardware such as IVR, Hotline, VOIP, CRM, etc. used by the team to effectively provide service. Raise red flags and solve issues along with the Infrastructure Manager.

9.   Work closely with the product team and software vendor partners to automate customer-experience/customer-service workflows that lead to providing the fastest support and the most delightful experience to customers at the lowest possible cost (Ex: Chatbot, Response Automations, Service Customizations).

10. Identify product and process issues from ease of user understanding point of view and suggest solutions for the same. Create a plan along with the retention & acquisition teams to implement the solutions.

11. Build and manage a team, while consistently evaluating new ways to increase efficiency and grow the team. Manage shifts change seamlessly by making a plan that's suitable for all and doesn't impact the quality of customer support quality.

12. Continuously benchmark with the best practices in Customer Support within and outside the industry to build a customer centric approach. Oversee, Evaluate and Monitor the process to build more user relevance, increase user engagement and retention.

13. Monitor key business parameters, team targets & budget utilization vs returns on a daily / weekly basis and plan necessary course correction wherever required.

14. Explore all avenues possible to improve the NPS, user experience, and achieve the overall role objective.


Requirement :

  • 8-10 years experience in Customer Support role having managed end-to-end customer satisfaction with a team of 5, experience in Consumer Tech would be preferred.
  • Has managed teams and vendors successfully in driving objectives
  • Has understanding is user psychology and behaviors
  • Has detailed understanding of the market, our audience and country culture